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In our recent time of accelerated advancement, upgrading shoppers' experience simply seems the natural revolution to be. Shoppers of today are seasoned, experienced and above all tech-savvy with high experential expectations.

VEEM has emerged to revolutionize shopping experience as we know today and take it to totally new heights; with a disruptive approach. VEEM offers a fully integrated, Ai-backed, virtualization solution that encompasses a wide array of features and modules: from v-commerce to points & reward system to home delivery modulation to in-app live chat & messaging features. So, virtual transformation of your business or brand becomes so handy and efficient.

VEEM's virtualization solution has unprecedented applicabilities in many sectors where customer experience is key; including: Retail, Education, Automotive, Healthcare, Business, Tourism and Hajj & Umrah



Near-real Customer

Awesome realistic graphics, characters and environments that enable your customers enjoy unforgetable brand experiences

Fully Integrated
V-Commerce System

When it comes to retail, VEEM has it all - fully integrated virtual commerce system with payment, home delivery, point & reward system and adaptive customer care features


Whether customers prefer real-life shopping or virtual shopping, VEEM can still empower them via its expansive AR-backed product catalogs and store/product locator services

Unmatched Adaptability & Replicability

It is all about maximized customer experience. VEEM's integrated virtualization solution can extend to many sectors and industries; such as: Education, Training, Automotive, Tourism & Business.



Next-Level Points &
Rewards System

Customers get points for almost every single interaction through VEEM; points have different tiers & levels from top level all the way to brand-specific points and brand-assigned rewards that boost customer engagement & loyalty

VR Compatibility

VEEM's solution is Virtual Reality compatible and customers may enjoy a more immersive virtual experience by simply switching to VR mode - otherwise, they can enjoy VEEM on their smartphone or PC.

Embedded Artificial

With the great powers of Artificial Intelligence, businesses & brands can benefit from unmatched repository of customers insights to help them determine out-of-stock cases, leverage cross-sell/up-sell opportuities and high potential/high-demand SKUs

Built-in Home
Delivery Module

Shopping via VEEM is so easy and enjoyable as playing a game; you simply go shopping, meet with your friends virtually, chat together by voice in realtime and all your purchases get delivered right to your door by our VEEM fleet or other delivery partners

Enhanced Augmented
Reality Inclusion

Customers can use VEEM's AR features to know more about certain products or services and even locate matching or complementing products via GPS locator. Moreover, they can add these products automatically to their in-app wishlist or virtual wardrobe


Customers have the flexibility to use VEEM on their smartphones, tablets or even personal computers. Their experiences are always updated and in-sync all the time.

Payment System

Via VEEM Payment system, customers can simply pay for their purchases or send gift vouchers to their family and friends or redeem some of their points in exchange of cool products and rewards

100% Virtual Space with
Live Chat Features

Imagine a platform that enbales a dad working abroad away from his beloved ones to meet up, go shopping together, choosing goods collaboratively with the entire family including his children. Customers have cool chat features and control to mute the surroundings, strangers or even particular users

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